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What is your favorite swear word?

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Наступил кошачий понедельник! — Интересное — Релакс!


Stare too long into the fiery eyes of this awesome Darth Vader wood-burning stove and you might start to hear the voice of Emperor Palpatine in your head. This geektastic appliance was created by Barnsley, England-based Instructables member doddieszoomer, which means that we can all learn how to make one too. It all starts with an empty propane tank and some scrap iron. Telepathy and psychokinesis are completely optional.

Click here for complete Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner build instructions.

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Favorite Female Characters [4/10] → Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)

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Shin bangers from today! BOOM ✨ #graceneutral #handpoked @goodtimestattoo 🌙💜